Here is a general overview of our process and estate sale company services we provide before, during and after the estate sale.

  • Preparation: We prepare the site and all items prior to the sale.
  • Organization: We organize and stage sale items to bring the most value.
  • Inventory, Researching & Pricing: First we inventory all of the items for sale including taking photographs and measurements. Next, we research  antique and collectible magazines, price guides also appraisal websites we are paid members of. All this work will allow us to come up with an accurate price point for your estate sale.
  • Marketing Your Estate Sale: We have marketing and advertising personnel on staff to place your sale in front of the targeted market for your items.
  • Conduct of Sale: We conduct all sales in a professional and efficient manner. Our objective is to sell every available item while maximizing revenues from each item.
  • Security: We strive to provide the best by far in the estate sale industry:
    • Our security staff includes when needed an off duty Police.
    • Technology, to date Estate Sales in Orlando is the only estate sale company in the Orlando Metro area using wireless security cameras placed throughout your home and monitored by our onsite staff.
    • Ample onsite staff roaming throughout your home during your estate sale, visible by their black polo styled shirts with our company logo printed on front.
  • Disposal of unsold  Estate Sale Items: We can dispose of all the unsold items through a few different processes, of which some include the donation to local charities & churches, consignments or final buyouts.
  • Cleaning of Premises: Prior to the sale we will organize all areas of the home.

A comment we frequently hear from our clients, “Wow, I feel I’ve walked into a store, everything is neat and well organized.”

  • When the estate sale is over we never leave your home in disarray, not us, we leave it broom clean.
  • Records and Receipts: sold Estate Sale Items are documented and a final list is given to the family after the sale.

We consistently update our knowledge by reading antique and collectible books, attend auctions and research the internet for ideas on what market value items sell for (not just what they appraise for) and verify that our estate sale prices are close to the same estimates.

At Estate Sales in Orlando, we are convinced that we can do a more professional Estate Sale reaping higher revenues for you than any of our competitors.