Estate Liquidation Company Client Testimonies

Estate Liquidation Company Client Testimonies

Clients We Have Helped:

I just had to take the time to talk about my excellent experience with Estate Sales in Orlando.  I recently had to sell my parent’s home in a timely fashion and definitely needed help sorting through all their belongings and clearing out their house beforehand.  It’s only my husband and myself here and doing that job ourselves would have taken us upwards of 3 months.  Needless to say, there were a lot of items in that house. The house was completely full from top to bottom.  So, I contacted Estate Sales in Orlando and was immediately put at ease when they went over the estate sale process with me.  They told me that I didn’t have to worry about a thing and that they would take care of it all, and in three weeks none the less.  I must say that at first I didn’t think that they could get it all accomplished but they proved me wrong!  Their team was patient and absolutely amazing throughout the whole process!  They came in two weeks prior to the sale and sorted through all of the belongings in the house, even in the garage, which was packed to the ceiling with stuff.  They went through every single room and every single closet and sorted, organized and labeled each and every item.  I literally did not have to lift a finger.  They took pictures of items prior to the sale and posted them online, including a vehicle that we were selling.  Everything was taken care of.  The day before the sale, I was able to do a final walk through and see if there were any items that I may have changed my mind on and wanted to keep and I was happily surprised to see how organized the house looked. It looked like a tiny shop! That weekend the sale went perfect.  I didn’t have to be there, they took care of it all and they sold almost all of the items!  After the sale was over they even came in and completely cleaned out the entire house. All that was left for me to do was put the house on the market! We even received the profits from the sale within a few days.  We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better or more honest company to have worked with and feel truly blessed to have found the Estate Sales in Orlando team.  They really took a ton of weight and stress off of my shoulders.

Sincerely, Shaina Lindsey – Orlando, Florida

I recently lost my mother and was appointed to settle her estate. After one day of going through her home I became aware that it was too difficult and heartbreaking for me. Patty your family and team where very empathetic and understood my feelings better than some people that I have known all my life. You helped me with this difficult transition with sensitivity and efficiency. I would highly recommend you and your Estate Sales In Orlando Team to anyone who is facing this monumental task. Thank you for helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life. 

Thank you, Susan B – New York

When looking for an Estate Sale Company, I was very impressed with Dave and Patty when they came out for the consultation.  They made me feel that I could trust them with the care of my father’s Estate. Their knowledge and professionalism was amazing to me. The staff was also helpful and helped me through this time.  I ended up with much higher profits than I had ever imagined.  They exceeded my expectations, two thumbs up.

Debbie C – Maryland

We used Estate Sales in Orlando when we downsized and were happy with the experience. They are organized, knowledgeable, experienced, and have excellent service. I can totally recommend this Company.

Thanks, Tonja & Jim W – Winter Park, Florida

Below are highlights from surveys we send out to our clients. We have hundreds and will be posting more as time allows.

  • Helene –  5 out of 5 stars – would highly recommend
    •   “I can’t say enough about how wonderful Patty and staff were!”
  • Pam – Waterford Lakes area of Orlando –  5 out of 5 stars – would highly recommend
    • “After visiting a number of estate sales to help with my decision of who I could trust, one stood out. I inquired from a young lady wearing a neon green ‘staff’ shirt if she had a business card.  I was impressed with the organization, number of attendees and secure layout of the sale items. Later in the week I phoned Patty & Dave and set up an appointment. Upon arrival, they quickly surveyed our home giving us great advice and provided an in-depth contract. We needed to relocate to another state before the sale but continued contact with neighbors who were very impressed with the setup and pricing. Our Estate Sale was a success and received the proceeds sooner than expected. They left the house swept clean and provided a badly needed service quickly and thoroughly.”
  • Mina – Bay Hill community Dr. Phillips area – 5 out of 5 stars – would highly recommend
    • “Estate Sales in Orlando were a life saver!! I was going through a major life change and was downsizing from a 3000 square foot house to a 1200 square foot condo. I had to get rid of a lot of stuff. Although the initial sorting of what to keep and what to sell was up to me (of course- how could they be expected to do that?), Estate Sales in Orlando came in an organized and sold the majority of my items. They took care of the majority of my things that didn’t sell well. Unfortunately, no one wanted my dated couches, but I can deal with those. I didn’t have to be at the sale, and I trusted them completely. They were discreet and supportive. I hope not have to go through such an upheaval again, but I would strongly recommend Estate Sales in Orlando.”
  • Donna – Winter Park, Florida – 5 out of 5 stars – would highly recommend
    • “Great Job! The sale went very well.  I was so pleased with the preparation and the set up by your team.  You are true professionals at what you do. Very pleased with EVERYTHING!!!! Thank You”

Here a few from buyers that have attended our sales:

As a hobby my husband and I attend estate sales almost weekly but we look  forward to the ones that you have. We always comment to ourselves that yours are the best organized and have the fairest priced items of all the estate sales that we visit in Central Florida. We really enjoy visiting with you and your staff. You are in a class by yourselves and you make us feel like family. An estate sale by Estate Sales In Orlando is an experience that we will never forget as you are knowledgeable of all of the items that we have questions about.

Thank you all so much for a great buying experience. 

Beth & Paul D – The Villages, Florida

Attending estate sales is somewhat of an addiction for us. We vist most all the local sales by all companies but one company stands out and their efforts show above all others. The items are always well priced and customer service is great.  The staff is knowledgeable and quick to assist as usual.  I would recommend going to their sales.

Gail & George SDr Phillips area of Orlando

We love going to their sales.  Pricing is fair to the buyer and the seller…staff is super friendly and helpful. Estate Sales in Orlando are awesome and their sales are the best.

Sue & Mike GLeesburg, Florida

My wife and I enjoy going to estate sales by Estate Sales In Orlando.  The prices are reasonable and well organized.  The owners make this an enjoyable experience and we are never disappointed.  The owners and staff are welcoming and clearly enjoy what they do.

Paula & Steve HDaytona Beach

Estate Liquidation Company Client Testimonies